This design was made and presented as the final project and a basis on which Tim’s degree in graphic design was obtained. The goal was simple. The packaging had to be unique. It had to be inexpensive to produce, while simultaneously representing a premium spirit, exclusivity and quality.

This was achieved by using thick black paper for the four parts that acted as the foundation. To prevent the filled bottle from deforming the paper, these were reinforced with various materials on the upper and bottom inside parts where the bottle rests. After the initial difficulty with getting the measurements right, they were easy to create and protected the bottle adequately. The four parts were then glued next to each other on another, larger decorated sheet of paper. This acted as the outer coat that connected everything together.

The outer coat was embellished with a simple, concise and powerful design. The imagery on each side was designed to connect well with each other, while accurately visually representing the text, which was written to highlight the vodka’s strengths. To make an already special design stand out even more, each side of the coat had an element, featured and illustrated in different shades of red, that was then coated with a transparent foil. The foil made sure the elements truly shined. This gave everything a refined, polished look and perfectly set the tone for what Invictus vodka represents.

Despite numerous challenges that marked the project throughout, it was satisfying and very educational. We love the end result and it is something we take a lot of pride in.