The company House of Luxury publishes two magazines (David and Golf club), in Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the Balkan region, with plans to expand into Austria and Germany over time.

David is a stylistic magazine for men while Golf club focuses on golf courses, tips, tournaments and attire. Both magazines, on top of sale revenue, rely heavily on creating and displaying advertisements for various companies. Such companies include BMW, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and countless others – they all grace the pages with their presence.

Here at Reialesa, we were entrusted with the task of designing both magazines and various advertisements, from start to finish, while their primary designer was unable to work. This meant designing the cover, designing every page and spread, while retaining the correct style and spirit. Both magazines are pretty picture heavy and tell their stories visually. This meant our challenge lied mostly in having to include a lot of images and text into a predetermined amount of pages. Everything had to be legible and nothing could be excluded. This is where our creativity truly kicked in. Despite, sometimes, being very deprived of space to work with, every article had everything it needed to have while still looking exquisite.

After a couple of releases, their designer took over the work again. It was a very educational experience that took us out of our comfort zones and simultaneously enabled us to work on an exciting project. And for that, we are very grateful.